Transcription Translation Services

Language Solution For More Than 130 Languages.

Transcription Service

We provide an accurate and on-time transcription service: simply upload your audio/video files onto our server and we will do the rest. Legal transcription, medical transcription or even verbatim transcription: our dedicated and experienced transcribers are ready to handle all your transcription needs.

Our transcribers ensure very high accuracy levels so you get complete satisfaction. Whether you are an individual or a corporate company: you get the accurate transcriptions you need.

Our range of transcription services include broadcast transcription, documentary transcription, interview transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, movie transcription, technical transcription, and verbatim transcription.

We will be more than HAPPY! To hear from you, any time of day or night. 4:00 AM no problem! When it comes to transcription services, we are your friend in need!

Transcription and Translation Service

As well as providing a transcript of your files, we can also translate them into over 130 languages. We provide transcription and translation services to a wide variety of businesses and individuals.

We make sure that our transcription and translation services are a cut above the rest by carrying out rigorous quality checks before delivery. When translating a transcribed file, our translators are careful to ensure that the meaning of the content in the transcribed file is accurately rendered in the final translation.

We give you the best turnaround time available and provide a competitive transcription and translation service