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Our team of Xhosa translators

Our team of Xhosa translators includes translators who have prior experience in the relevant fields. All of them are experts in the subject matter. We make sure that all our translators have an excellent knowledge of the target language as well as the source language.

The only way a translator can have an excellent knowledge of their target language is by being a native of the land where the target language is spoken, which is why we only have natives and in-country Xhosa translators.

Need English to Xhosa and Xhosa to English Translation?

Xhosa Translation Service – Accurate, On-Time and Cost Effective

All Translation Services specializes in providing high quality English to Xhosa and Xhosa to English translation services for personal and for business use. Our extensive network of professional Xhosa translators means that translations from Xhosa to English and English to Xhosa are one of our most specialized services.

As an ISO certified company, we are always eager to serve our customers efficiently by finding new ways to improve our quality & reduce our prices, so our customers benefit both ways.

Whatever kind of translation you have - legal, technical, medical or general documents - we are happy to handle anything from small-scale translations to large-scale localization projects with ease.

Hundreds of companies trust us to carry out their translations, including African Defense System, Ernst & Young, Essar, Hitachi, Oshkosh, Philips, PricewaterhouseCoopers…etc.


About Xhosa Language


Country Where Spoken

Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa.

Official Language of

South Africa


South Cape Province, Transkei, West Cape Province.

Alternate Names

Isixhosa, Kaffer, Kaffir, Koosa, Xosa.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Atlantic-Congo, Bantoid, Benue-Congo, Central, Narrow Bantu, Nguni, Niger-Congo, Southern, Volta-Congo, Xhosa.


Bomvana, Gaika (Ncqika), Gealeka, Mpondo, Ndlambe, Thembu, Xesibe.

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