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All Translation Services has an impeccable reputation as language services provider. We are trusted in providing high quality English to Yoruba and Yoruba to English language translations.

We can provide translation services for your personal and business needs. Our extensive network of professional Yoruba translators have been handling translations jobs for big and small companies.

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Our team of Yoruba translators

Our team of Yoruba translators are computer literate, technically well-trained and have comprehensive knowledge of the target language. We work together as a team, combine our efforts, expertise and employ unique strategies to give you the best translation services.

All Translation Services as a matter of fact, employs natives and in-country professionals. This is to ensure top quality services and outstanding Yoruba translators.

Translators also have to pass a strict selection process to become a member of the elite team of translators and interpreters.

Documents translated with flaws or errors can have adverse effect on you and your reputation. Don't just trust anybody for yourself and your business translation services. Hire someone with a reputation and has long standing commitment like us.

We translate Yoruba language with ease and on time!

We are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out Yoruba to English and English to Yoruba translations services. Our Yoruba translators can work 24/7, late hours and on weekends or holidays to cater to our customer's needs.

We work with speed, accuracy and deliver projects on time. As teamwork, we employ unique strategies to give you the best English to Yoruba and Yoruba to English translation service.

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About Yoruba Language

de Yorb

Country Where Spoken

Benin, Nigeria, Togo, USA.

Official Language of



Kwara, Ogun, Ondo Osun, Oyo.

Alternate Names

Yariba, Yooba

Total Speakers


Language Family

Atlantic-Congo, Benue-Congo, Defoid, Edekiri, Niger-Congo, Volta-Congo, Yoruba , Yoruboid.


Akono, Awori, Aworo, Egba, Gbedde, Ijebu, Ijesha, Ikale, Ila, Ilaje, Jumu, Ondo, Owe, Oyo, Wo, Yagba.