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Deadline and Quality

Deadline and quality are our two major concerns. We always ask our translators
to review the translated document before sending back to us.


The translator must ensure that he/she respects our customer’s privacy and nothing
can be shared with anyone else.

Translation, Editing & Proofreading (TEP)

It is essential for every translator to follow stringent Translation, Editing
and Proofreading procedures, while carrying out the translation job.

Code of Ethics

We demand that our linguistic follow the code of ethics consistently and remain
loyal, unbiased to their work.

Translation issues

You will be responsible for helping us to resolve any translation issues and
making sure that the final translation is completed as per the request.

Invoicing and Payment Details

You have to email your invoice along with the translation to both the project
manager and accounts department. Your invoice must contain the purchase order number
and your bank details/paypal/moneybooker email otherwise your payments will be delayed.

Our office Address

337-338 Vardhman Premium Mall
Deepali, Pitampura,
New Delhi 110034

Personal Details

Professional Details

Enter your working language combination and your translation charges

If you provide transcription, voice over or interpretation services as well then kindly provide your charges:

Qualification (Please include your educational and professional qualification)

Field of expertise:
Art/LiteraryMedical/ScienceLaw/PatentsBus/FinancialMarketingTech/EngineeringIT/Internet/e commerceOther

Tools & Skills:
I own and know how to use: TradosSDLXWordfastStar TransitOther

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