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Privacy Policy / Privacy Norms / Privacy Commitment

(A Controlled Document)

Our Privacy Commitment: An Insight

"All Translation Services Private Limited" is committed towards protecting the client's proprietary information at all costs. The nature and scope of this document entails to define at length, complete policies and procedures that "All Translation Services Private Limited" follows for safeguarding interest and information protocols of its clients' across the web world. We take utmost concern to make our association with our clients a complete fruitive and a professional bliss altogether.

Parse the under mentioned points for a conspicuous understanding and long association with "All Translation Services Private Limited"

Proprietary Information: Fool Proof and Confidential

"All Translation Services Private Limited" practices and maintains complete work ethics to secure personal information of its Individuals/Clients and not to disclose it to third party (on line or off line) under any condition whatsoever.

The proprietary information includes and not limited to disclosure of personal information directed solely towards revealing a primary and family name, a physical address, an email address or other contact information, whether at work or at home. This guarantees to Individual/Client the ease to login and browse "All Translation Services" web pages without actually revealing his/her personal/professional identity to us.

"All Translation Services Private Limited" wholly and solely commits of not indulging in malpractices, whoso, aiming to gather any Form/Content of personalized information about Individuals/Clients' except on the intention and vantage of those Individuals/Clients' when categorically made available to us.


A cookie is the means of parsing/collating retrospective information about your visit to a particular web page/website. The information on the visiting pages is stored by the web browser for later use.

"All Translation Services Private Limited" makes frequent use of cookies data to retrieve information about your previous log in to our website. The cookies feature also enables us to trace the path of any possible Internet link/Banner advertisement, which might have been used by an Individual/Client to direct to our website.

However, this doesn't tantamount to breach of any proprietary/personal information provided to "All Translation Services Private Limited", if and only if you're registered user, and if you knowingly provided such information.

Links to Other/Partner Sites

"All Translation Services Private Limited" doesn't held itself responsible under any circumstances, should any proprietary information is retrieved by any of Companies/Sites/Portals providing links to our URL on their index/visiting pages.

It is solely rests on the discretion of other sites and portals to safeguard the proprietary information and not to divulge it for gaining any personal benefits.

Security Declaration

"All Translation Services Private Limited" makes due initiatives on its part to safeguard Proprietary/Personal information that an individual accesses from unauthorized/unsolicited resources over the Internet. This further encompasses conforming to international web security protocols.

Virtual Consent and Acceptance

Individuals/Clients' visiting the "All Translation Services Private Limited" website should and would adhere to terms and conditions as earmarked here and elsewhere in the website, regarding the processing of proprietary information as divulged for purposes described in policy.