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The term "software translation" can easily be confused. This is because of the confusion caused by the similarity of the term "translation software", which is basically a software made for translating texts on a computer.

"Software translation", on the other hand, is the actual translation software elements, such as the software interface, strings, programming language, or format. Here are some of the most common applications of software translation:

  • Translate a foreign interface to a target language for easier use by those native to the target language.
  • Translate the interface of an application that you intend on distributing, selling, or supplying to other countries.
  • Translate the programming language or "code" of software to achieve compatibility with other formats or codes. This includes string translation that involves computer code strings.

In a wider sense, "software translation" may also include the translation of marketing, advertising, training, user guide, specifications, labels, and other materials for the globalization or localization of software.

We offer excellent software translation services

We can be your most reliable business partner when it comes to software translation. We always keep in mind accuracy, timely delivery, and quality to provide you the best translation service there is.

We have native translators who can translate into over 130 languages. Our software translation department is comprised of experts in the field of software development and we understand the intricacies of translating technical software details to ensure accurate translation.

There are a number of dangers that can result from poor software translation. At the least, a poor translation will only lead to simple misinterpretations that are easy to solve, but in more serious cases, poor software translation can lead to a poor user experience, bad consumer reviews, and ineffective applications. Why risk compromising your business when you can get high-quality software translation from us?

Software and computer technology now play such a critical role in our lives that it would be hard to imagine a modern world without the use of computers and the applications that run on them. Everything from word and data processing, Internet usage, simple or complex calculations, telecommunications, and practically every industry in the world relies, to some extent, on software and computers.

As such, the software industry itself has grown to quite staggering proportions and it is no surprise that globalization and localization are central proponents of the software market. These days, companies from around the world rely on software developers to make programs for streamlining business operations, increasing sales, and improving their customer relations.

Let the experts handle the job!

Let us handle your software translation needs as you focus on the other aspects of your business. We will deliver your translation results fast and on time so you can worry less about translation and you can concentrate more on running your business right. Contact us right now so that we can get started on your software translation projects right away.