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We offer quality transcription services of your audio as well as video files in over 130 languages. Our team of professional transcribers can handle the project with the dedication, care, and experience you require.

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Complete and Thoroughly Reviewed Verbatim Transcription

When it comes to verbatim transcription, every single word, sound, or expression is transcribed from audio into text. These will include complete sentences, incomplete sentences, random words and expressions, and even incoherent sentences, which may seem unintelligible when taken into consideration as a whole.

Due to all these, verbatim transcription is often referred to as the most detailed type of transcription. It is important, therefore, for verbatim transcriptionists to possess the skills needed in translating these highly detailed audio/video content into complete and comprehensive text documents.

If you are looking for verbatim transcription solutions that maintain the highest accuracy and quality down to the minutest of details, you can begin by checking out the services we offer.

Our verbatim transcription services have the highest quality and accuracy!

We guarantee accurate verbatim transcription services on all of your recordings from start to finish. Whatever verbatim transcription projects you send to us, we assure you of prompt delivery at all times. Most importantly, our verbatim transcription professionals are trained to deliver only top-notch results, so you get only expert solutions whenever needed!

We offer a range of verbatim transcription services on audio/video files, whether they are in the form of interviews, speeches, or scripts. We give you the assurance of careful attention, constant commitment, and timely delivery of all your transcription projects to ensure results that are no less than the best.

Not all verbatim transcription providers have the necessary expertise on, especially when the most meticulous of details all need to be reviewed and analyzed. However, we strive to give you results, which follow strict global standards, so that the transcription results are acceptable wherever in the world you may be.

There are many cases and instances, which call for accurate and highly effective verbatim transcription. Primarily, audio files or recordings are often transcribed in a verbatim manner for purposes of review and analysis. Oftentimes, it is not sufficient to simply make a review on the content of the recording. Speech patterns, pauses, repeat remarks, as well as conversation fillers all need to be taken into account and analyzed as well.

These transcriptions are often done and used for research, analysis of interviews and speeches, as well as in cases when there is a need to go over a specific speech pattern. Since verbatim transcriptions play a huge role in analysis and speech reviews, as well as in legal aspects, the need for verbatim transcription providers are extremely critical and necessary.

And since we understand your need for security and privacy, we assure you that each project will be treated with utmost care and confidentiality. Best of all, our verbatim transcribers have had the best training and experience, ensuring that all transcribed materials are accurate, thoroughly reviewed, and complete.

Get your verbatim transcription service from our verbatim transcribers, and rest assured of their expertise and commitment to excellence.