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Driver License Translation

A current valid driver license translation is required to drive in most countries and they are frequently used in conjunction with a passport and VISA as a positive identification. There are some exceptions, but it is generally best to be prepared for all contingencies.

There are many types of license, and each may require a separate license or endorsement by the issuing authority. Having a translation of your current license in the language of the country or countries you intend to drive in can prevent confusion or unnecessary detention by a local law enforcement officer because they may not be able to interpret your license and determine the limitations or allowances permitted.

All Translation Services provides professional translation for an Operator's License (hereinafter referred to as: Drivers License) – or Motor Vehicle Operator License for nearly every country in the world. This includes the currently valid drivers license as well as International Drivers License, Commercial Drivers License, Motorcycle, as well as some Agricultural or Military Vehicle permits.

We can provide driver license translation in over 130 languages and can render drivers license documents in any standard computer format. Our skilled team of professional driver license translators are noted subject matter experts with the necessary native language fluency to provide accurate translation.

Accuracy is assured by the strictest quality control standards. Whether for vacation travel or commercial purposes, timely delivery of translation of your drivers license certification to you is guaranteed.

Professional translators drivers license and associated documents will save you time and money by preventing many possible misunderstandings or misinterpretations. As a general rule, if you are a competent and capable driver, you should have little difficulty in securing a local license.

Certified/Sworn Translation

We do provide certified sworn statements regarding the accuracy of the translation that are accepted worldwide!

These are verified documents and ready for use in legal or official purposes. We take extra care while dispatching these documents. We deliver translated copies via email and then we dispatch the certified hard copies via registered post, with appropriate notarization and certification. We also provide additional benefits like additional certified copies, express mail delivery and express service.