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Certificate / Diploma Translation Services India

Precise, Accurate, and Professional Translations

Certified Translation

Certified Certificate and Diploma translations that are approved, valid and legally binding - around the world!

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Certificate and Diploma Translation That Can Be Accepted Globally

When it comes to certificate and diploma translation, mere vocabulary substitution simply won't do; the translation must be idiomatically correct for the target country, or you run the risk of having your professional credentials being rendered meaningless.

Take for example two Spanish-speaking countries, Spain and Mexico. The basic college degree is called a Bachillerato in Spain, while the equivalent degree in Mexico is known as a Licenciatura. Examples like these abound throughout the world, even among countries that share a common language.

Certificate and Diploma Translation Service: Precise, Accurate, and Professional Translations!

Fortunately, All Translations Services provides fast, accurate, guaranteed certificate and diploma translations. We're specialists in articulating the specialized terminology of education in more than 130 languages. Our world-wide staff certificate and diploma translators are native speakers of your target language, so they can create accurate, precise, and reliable translation.

Our certificate and diploma translators are experts in the language of education, and have exhaustive terminology databases and dictionaries at their disposal, so your translation is always accurate and idiomatically correct. Moreover, each translator's work is double-checked by linguistic experts.

Moreover our certified sworn translation can be accepted around the world.

We can work with documents in nearly any file format, and we provide the certificate or diploma translation in ready-to-use files.

Having your certificate and diploma translated accurately is critical for a successful international job search. Perhaps no area of language is more idiosyncratic than the language of education. In any given language, the terminology describing degrees, certifications, academic titles and learning institutions often dates back hundreds of years, and is intimately tied to the culture's history and national education system.

If you're a human resources administrator, it is especially important to be assured of the accuracy of certificate and diploma translations, so that you can correctly evaluate each candidate's qualifications in terms that are meaningful to you.

Our Specialized Team

Our management team understands that strict quality control is vital to your success, and they spare no effort to be certain you receive certificate and diploma translation that meets the highest professional standards. You can turn your certificate and diploma translation work over to All Translation Services and relax, confident in the knowledge that you will receive the highest quality translation work, in the format you need, precisely when you need it.

On-Time Delivery

We have the personnel resources to guarantee that your certificate and diploma translation will be delivered under your deadline. We understand that in the area of certificate and diploma translation, you need to be able to rely completely on your translation vendor. That's why we do everything in our power to earn and retain your trust.

We're proud of the reputation we have established as one of the most highly regarded certificate and diploma translation firms in the industry.