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Certified Birth Translation Services India

Our certified translation is valid and legally binding

Certified Translation

Certified birth certificate translations that are approved, valid and legally binding - around the world!

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Birth Certificate Translation That Can Be Accepted Legally

Birth Certificate translation requires a complete translation of all parts of the certificate, including names, dates, place of birth and the child's sex. Birth Certificates are legal documents needed for many official purposes such as establishing citizenship and legal residency, qualifying for benefits, or obtaining a passport. An incorrect or incomplete birth certificate translation can lead to serious consequences such as the loss of residency, income or work.

Since so much depends on the accuracy of the information on a birth certificate, a certified translation by a qualified expert is essential. For these reasons, birth certificate translators need to be able to work with both handwritten and printed material, and to be familiar with different styles and types of birth certificates issued in different countries.

Our Certified Birth Translation Service

All Translation Services provides accurate, legally recognized translation of all types of birth certificates from around the world. Your birth certificates and other identity documentation are delivered with our commitment to excellence, quality and promptness.

With a world-wide network of native speakers of more than 130 languages, we offer prompt, accurate and reliable birth certificate translation. Our birth certificate translators have access to the legal requirements for birth certificate documents and all necessary translation aids for clarity and precision.

We provide a certified, sworn translation of your birth certificate. Our translation is recognized for social, legal and governmental purposes.

Some birth certificates may contain additional information such as the name of the hospital where the child was born, or even the name of the doctor who attended the birth. All this information must be rendered accurately.

Our birth certificate translators are trained to recognize birth certificate forms from around the world and to precisely and accurately translate all parts of the certificate, creating a document which can be certified as legally accurate for all circumstances requiring documentation of a person's identity, citizenship or residency.

Guaranteed On Time Delivery

We understand how much can depend on your birth certificate. That's why our birth certificate translators work quickly to provide an accurate, legally valid translation of your document with the highest standards as their guide. We are regarded as leaders in the translation industry for our commitment to efficiency, quality and accuracy.

Get your birth certificate translation from our experienced birth certificate translators, and rest assured of their expertise and commitment to excellence.