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We offer quality transcription services of your audio as well as video files in over 130 languages. Our team of professional transcribers can handle the project with the dedication, care, and experience you require.

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Preserving and Spreading the Human Experience with Documentary Transcription

For high quality documentary transcription services, All Translation Services is here to help you. We have the skills, experience, and resources to provide you with excellent solutions for your documentary transcription needs.

What documentaries special and important is that they have remarkably high educational value. They have been around ever since audio and video recording technologies became more openly available and accessible. To this date, the documentary film proves to be one of the most influential, valuable, and significant forms of media. This is because documentaries not only add to the collective human knowledge through education, but they are also instrumental in preserving and protecting such knowledge along with the human experiences that they document.

Get quality documentary transcriptions from All Translation Services!

We know how hard it can be to get high quality, accurate, and precise documentary transcriptions. This is because we understand the intricacy and delicacy of translating and transcribing documentaries.

We know what it takes to make top quality documentary transcriptions because our expert documentary transcribers are specialists in dealing with documentaries. We assure you that we can transcribe your documentary accurately, and you will get timely results on every project. This is because our transcriptionists are not only experts at documentary transcription, but they also have high respect and regard for every project that they deal with.

Documentaries and their relation to the collective human experience

Documentary films have been very useful in practically every field of knowledge, every industry, and every major historical global event. Through a documentary, you can visit the Parthenon in Athens or the pyramids of Egypt to to discover their mysteries, travel around the world, take a trip to the center of the earth, get transported to the edges of the universe, step into the shoes of a real Renaissance man, or run among the prehistoric jungles with the dinosaurs.

Documentary films truly have the power to transport the viewer to another time and place, allowing the viewer to learn more about who we are as humans, what we have accomplished, what this universe is and how it works. In other words, these document the human experience, our knowledge, our history, our origins, and our interactions with everything that surrounds us.

The essence of documentary transcriptions

One of the primary purposes of a documentary is to share and communicate the information that is being documented. Take for example Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel. Both of these channels air documentaries of all kinds and they have become extremely effective at broadcasting such information around the world. This essence of sharing and communicating is the same spirit behind documentary transcriptions.

Through documentary transcriptions, we can prepare documentaries to be seen, heard, interpreted, understood, and taken in by people of different cultures and with different languages. By reaching out to a wider audience, there is a better chance that the information and knowledge documented in the film can be shared and communicated further.

Get your documentary transcription from our experienced transcribers, and rest assured of their expertise and commitment to excellence.