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We offer quality transcription services of your audio as well as video files in over 130 languages. Our team of professional transcribers can handle the project with the dedication, care, and experience you require.

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Being the best transcription company in India, we have strict policies and procedure to ensure confidentiality of data. We assure that your job will get done on time, every time.

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Communicate across Borders with Broadcast Transcription

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We offer high quality broadcast transcription that can be delivered right on time, just when you need it most.

Broadcasting has become one of the most influential, widespread, and pervading industries of our day. Whether it comes down to television, radio, cable, satellite, or webcasting, the truth is that audio and video content that has become available to the world is more abundant and more accessible than ever before. This is because of the power of audio and video content to communicate thoughts, ideas, images, ways of life, and knowledge, in general.

While broadcast transcriptions are so instrumental in today's world, the truth is that it can be difficult to find quality broadcast transcriptions. If a certain transcription is not accurate, the entire broadcast can be ruined. Take for example an educational video. If the video isn't transcribed accurately, the wrong information can be communicated, causing discrepancies, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and widespread confusion.

All Translation Services guarantees high quality broadcast transcriptions!

We offer some of the best broadcast transcription services around. We guarantee that a broadcast transcription specialist will be working on your project. Our staff is well-trained, well-educated, and well-experienced in dealing with broadcasts for projects on documentaries, interviews, time coding, closed caption-ready transcriptions, and final transcriptions.

On top of that, we assure that your project will get done on time, every time.

Today, broadcasting gives us the ability to watch and listen to a political speech from across the world, it gives us the tools to learn a musical instrument from a video webcasting, and it can all happen in real time. This means that you get the information that you want when you need it.

The power of broadcasting comes from its ability to streamline the communication process. In effect, it allows us to share knowledge and experiences across borders. To take advantage of the benefits of broadcasting, it requires the ability to reach a wide audience and there is perhaps no better way of doing this than through broadcast transcriptions.

The importance of broadcast transcriptions

Through broadcast transcriptions, you can tailor your media content to specific countries, for specific purposes, effectively broadening your audience. For example, broadcast transcription plays an essential role in education. The educational value of media – such as experiments, video and audio recordings, and other learning materials – can be multiplied tenfold by transcribing and sharing it with other countries, school systems, cultures, and people.

Our team of broadcast transcription consists of quality analysts, proof readers and editors, who have the ability and the experience to understand and transcribe foreign accents accurately.

Whether its interviews, documentaries, sermons, news segments, broadcast recordings; we provide accurate transcription. Our broadcast transcription services are well known by some of the reputed broadcasting companies.