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Language typing and typesetting

We offer very refined and high quality language typing in more than 130 languages spoken across the world in Unicode and non-Unicode fonts or TTF fonts. These include English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Punjabi, Malayalam, Arabic, Italian, German, Kannada, Latin, Norwegian and many more.

Language typing services includes various processes. The processes are efficiently managed by our enthusiastic language typists, who have complete control over QWERTY keyboards. Our typist first analyses the language needs and thereafter focuses on the word strength before committing to client. Furthermore, it ensures stringent quality measures by undertaking proofreading and editing of the text typed by the language typist.

Typing in almost every software

Some of the most common typesetting and indexing software packages that we make use of include MS-office, PageMaker, In design, Corel Draw, Quark Express and others. Besides, a team of language experts carefully scrutinizes each copy for any spelling or punctuation errors before making final delivery.

Our price quote varies with amount of data to be typed. We are front-runners in offering innovative and customized language typing services matching the client's requirements.

Unicode typing service

Unicode fonts are the fonts which are pre-loaded in your computer. It is a coding system which uses 16 bits instead of 8 bits, allowing for approximately 65,000 (216) different patterns. Our Unicode typist can type your documents in most of the languages which support Unicode fonts.

Language typing in TTF or non-unicode fonts

TTF fonts are the standard format for Outline Fonts which can be used on Windows or Macintosh operating system. These fonts are generally less reliable then their Postscript counterparts.

Our typist can easily type your document in TTF fonts. If you opt for TTF font then you have to install the font into your computer otherwise you won't be able to see the content of the typed matter. Don't worry, we will give you the font as well.