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Marriage Card Translation Services India

In Over 130 Languages – High Quality and On Time Delivery!

Superlative Marriage Card Translation with Stringent Quality Control

Context and Content are Fundamental for Marriage Card Translation and Nuptial and Prenuptial Documents. Expert marriage card translation can be challenging because of cultural and social meanings associated with the documents.

Marriage card translation is not usually required by many countries as they are not a legal document, such as a license or certificate, however, as a supporting document it can aid immigration. For example, a marriage card can serve as a letter of intent to marry when applying for a fiancé VISA.

In the Western world, marriage cards and similar documents generally are not assigned the weight of the stated intention as marriage cards are across the Asian subcontinent, especially in the Hindu culture. Symbols and embellishments convey meaning as much or more than the words themselves.

Our Professional Marriage Card Translation

Making Your Wedding Announcement Documents Specialized

All Translation Services specializes in providing accurate marriage card translation, engagement announcements, wedding invitations and other related marriage documents rendered in over 130 different languages. Guaranteed on-time delivery of translation is available in a number of standard computer files and hardcopy document styles and formats.

All marriage card translation by our experienced and knowledgeable staff are checked and double-checked for content and context by qualified subject matter experts before they are allowed to be certified as accurate and correct.

We also provide internationally accepted certified and sworn translation and we are compliant with business and legal standards for accuracy.

Our Professional Marriage Card Translators

Our team has international recognition as a professional translation services business. Our translators are both native-fluent in their languages and competent in their specific fields. The resulting high-quality product is delivered as a well-crafted and executed end product, meeting our highest standards.

Supplemental Marriage Related Document Translation

Often the Marriage Card translation is only a portion of marriage papers which need translating. Depending on the status of the marriage and participants, there may be a long list of associated documents, especially in cases of arranged marriages. They can run the range of options from engagement or betrothal cards, to wedding invitations and announcements to legal prenuptial agreements. All Translation Services is ready to be with you through the entire process by delivering accurate marriage card translation with a complete satisfaction guarantee.